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About me

Hi, I am a mother of two, living in Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia with my husband and two daughters. Physical fitness and general health have always been hugely important to me, as well as enjoying a bit of a party lifestyle! However, training for numerous competitive events on top of a stressful job in the UK led to me needing to make some changes to my life. I was young and naive about the great strain and stress I was putting on both my body and my mind for many years.

I started practicing Yoga in 1998 and was able to start to heal my whole being in a way that had not been possible before. I travelled extensively, practicing varieties of yoga in India, Thailand and Argentina before settling in the UK and joining the Metropolitan Police in London where I worked as a detective in the Counter Terrorist Command at Scotland Yard.


I worked hard and played hard as well as undertaking demanding physical challenges like marathons and triathlons. It was however the stress of my job, along with recurring hip and lower back injuries sustained as a result, of a punishing exercise and training regime, that convinced me I needed to incorporate more yoga into my life. And after discovering a Yogalates DVD I started to understand that it was a fantastic exercise system encompassing the disciplines of both yoga and Pilates which was perfect for me. After practicing Yogalates for 10 years I finally undertook a teacher training course with Yogalates creator Louise Solomon in Byron Bay, Australia and came to understand how important it is to nurture our bodies and minds. I now know that to do this you must learn to love and be kind to yourself.


After teaching public and private classes firstly in Byron Bay and then in the UK I finally decided to move to Australia permanently and fully change my lifestyle. In 2018 I graduated with a Diploma in Yoga Therapy which takes a very individual approach to healing. While I love being part of and teaching large classes, with all the energy that goes with them, I am even more passionate about the therapeutic use of Yoga with individuals and small groups which I know for sure offers great transformation and change for those that take part.

Energy Healing

Since having my second daughter, I have suffered with a great deal of body pain, particularly in my pelvic area, I first found out about energy healing, specifically The Emotion Code and The Body Code in 2017. Alongside the pain I was experiencing, I was struggling with my mental health and suffering from a thyroid condition and chronic fatigue. I credit a large part of my healing to The Emotion/Body Code. In 2020 I decide that I wanted to learn more about how this amazing energy healing technique worked and commenced the initial practitioner training to become an Emotion Code practitioner and finally completed my Body Code practitioner training in 2021. I am in awe of this technique, that can identify and remove blockages in our energetic bodies, alongside identifying physical toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and structural imbalances in our physical bodies, therefore giving our bodies the best chance for healing.

By using the Emotion and Body code, alongside Yogalates exercises, and my therapeutic knowledge of Yoga, I have been able to heal my body.

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