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Classes & Pricing

Classes and Sessions with Zoe

Zoe is an experienced, qualified Yogalates teacher and a Yoga Therapist who has completed additional specialised studies in the therapeutic applications of yoga. Her classes are focused on reconnecting with yourself both physically and mentally and learning to find personal peace in our often chaotic world. In addition to gentle exercises and poses her classes will involve a centring practice, a warm-up, healing practice, cool-down, breath work and a meditation, relaxation or visualisation.


Brand new to Yoga and Pilates?

Then this is the place for you! Every practice can and will be modified to suit your needs.

If you are a complete beginner to Yoga and Pilates I recommend a 1:1 session to begin. I can offer this for $50 (1-1.5 hours) This is by no means mandatory and you are more than welcome to attend any class.


Group Yogalates (maximum 6 people)

Small classes including Yoga and Pilates techniques. These classes last for 1.5 hours and include centring, breathwork and relaxation.

Group Yogalates Flow (Maximum 6 people)

Small classes including Yoga and Pilates techniques. These classes last for 1 hour 15 and will move at a slightly quicker pace.


Classes run during school term time


Term Dates

Term 1 – Tuesday 5th Feb – Thursday 4th April

Term 2 – Tuesday 23rd April – Thursday 20th June

Term 3 – Tuesday 16th July – Thursday 19th September

Term 4 – Tuesday 8th October – Thursday 5th December

A one-to-one Yogalates class is designed for students who are new to yoga and those who are returning to the mat after a break. They provide a safe environment in which the student can ask questions and do their practice at their own pace.  


Yoga Therapy is a program tailored to a client’s specific needs and a minimum of three individual sessions are required. 


Class Prices

Classes (maximum of 5 people) held in Zoe’s studio:

Monday class (1.5hours) 10:00am

Thursday class (1.5 hours) 10:00am

1 class $20

3 classes $50

6 classes $90


1:1 Yogalates session (1.5 hours) $70

Yoga Therapy


Initial consultation, including initial development of a personal practice (1.5 hours) and two follow-up sessions (1 hour each).  Ideally these initial sessions will be completed within four weeks. Total cost is $220 (individual sessions would cost $280)


Continuing Yoga Therapy sessions - $80 (1 hour)

Funding and Rebates

Many health funds recognise the benefits of yoga and now provide rebates for yoga classes. I encourage you to contact your health fund provider to determine what is required to enable you to gain a rebate and what level of rebate you are eligible to receive.  The Yogalates method is on the referral base from Health practitioners I.e GP’s, Physios, Osteopaths.



Healing Light meditation

Online audio:

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