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Feedback from Lisa T

I have to be honest, I was very sceptical to begin with about the benefits of yoga therapy. Even after being diagnosed and treated for a serious life-threatening illness. I prided myself on my ability to just get on with life, treatment and whatever side effects or restrictions, it presented or caused for myself and my family.

After my first yoga therapy session with Zoe, I started to think in a more holistic way about my lifestyle, stress levels and managing my health. I had always exercised and eaten well, but had never contemplated that stress, or the effects of modern living, may affect my health and well-being or help determine how I coped with treatment and life in general.

I started to realise the therapy Zoe was teaching me was looking after the whole of me, could perhaps influence my recovery, long-term fitness and the effects on my mental health and the outcome of my life. It wasn’t just firefighting against one problem but looking at my body, health and lifestyle as a whole and giving me a programme, designed for me that I could follow and embrace to empower me to be as fit and healthy mentally as well as physically. It opened my eyes to how some of the symptoms I suffered from could be treated with relaxation, taking time for myself and listening to my body and mind, rather than the usual quick fix recommended by some other professionals of pills and medication.

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